Andy Xu

Chief Operating Officer at Vincross Inc.

Hi! I'm Andy Xu. I'm the COO of Vincross. My goal at Vincross is to bring emerging consumer robotics technology to international markets. I assume full responsibility for corporate operations in product management, product marketing and advocating, robotics engineering and team recruiting.

I'm responsible for growing awareness of Vincross’ brand through integrated marketing solutions including creatives, design, media PR, user stories and social marketing.

I manage all robotics engineering and manufacturing activities necessary to take product ideas from design specifications to product delivery.

Before joining Vincross, I was the CTO at Career Dream Technology, where I led the company’s growth from a headhunting company to a recruitment solution company and built a 100-people product and engineering team. I implemented methodologies and processes that deliver reliable websites and mobile applications, including code review, continuous integration, release management, and product documentation.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology from Renmin University of China. You can find my CV here.